Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a custom order take?

Our pads are made to order unless specified otherwise. Our current turn around is up to 21 working days but we are often a lot sooner. This is set at 21 working days to cover unexpected illness with small children! If you need your order sooner, please do message us before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate.

 What pad will suit me? 

Finding your perfect pad shouldn’t be difficult! At IzzyWizzyRoo we make lots of different shapes and sizes so your perfect pad can be made to order. 

As a general guide, 6-10” are commonly liners, 8-12” are commonly regulars and 10” and above are commonly heavy absorbency. 

If you’re making the switch from disposable, our round shape is most like a disposable pad and a great place to start. 

Our most popular shape is the moonrise which is a brilliant all rounder pad. 

If you struggle with heavy flow, our La Feuille offers brilliant coverage. 

How do I wear my pad?

At IzzyWizzyRoo, our pads are worn pretty side to skin. The black fleece should always sit against your clothing as this is the water resistant barrier.

How do I wash my pads? 

You can find our washing instructions here

It’s really very simple! 

How many pads do I need? 

Generally, ladies build up their ‘stash’ by buying a few each month. Some ladies manage on around 15-20 pads, some like to have a lot more! It’s personal preference but a stash of around 15 will see you through a period with a mid cycle wash. 

How do I store my pads? 

We advise storing dirty pads in a wet bag or lidded bucket for up to 3 days before washing using our washing instructions. 

Do you do payment plans? 

We do payment plans for orders over £50, please email us to discuss your order. 

Do you offer wholesale? 

We do offer wholesale, please email us to discuss your requirements.